Jim Murphy meets with George Madzhirov, CEO of HandCut Foods, to learn more about the history of how he built his company to where it is today. Jim digs deeper into the backstory of George Madzhirov’s success and learns about his early life and the obstacles George faced while creating HandCut Foods business.

Video Segments

Opening a School Kitchen

George Madzirhov of HandCut Foods meets with Jim Murphy at Local Foods to talk about the way schools prepare their food for students. George discusses the problems that school kitchens face when preparing meals for students and how he plans to fix these issues by implementing his vision for creating an onsite program that would open a school kitchen to teach children important cooking skills.


Bringing Better Lunches to Schools

Jim Murphy meets with George Madzirhov, CEO of HandCut Foods, to talk about George’s goals to create an ideal healthy meal for school lunches. George discusses how he plans to educate students on different dishes from around the world, along with having classes to teach students how to prepare meals for themselves.

Growing Up in Communist Bulgaria

George discusses where he found his passion for food and what it was like to run a bakery under a government controlled environment. He also talks about some of his other travels around Europe and how they have influenced his journey to the United States.