Like those 75% of startups, Whey of Life did not make it to its 10 year anniversary, but Mazarakis gained valuable experience and started a practice that has served her well to this day: mindfulness. While it may be a trendy buzzword today, mindfulness was barely on anyone’s radar in 2011 when Mazarakis first took an interest. What’s more impressing, though is to hear her talk about how she developed a mindfulness curriculum for Northwestern’s School of Engineering.

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An Interview with Daphne Mazarakis

The Importance of Mindfulness, Confidence and Passion Daphne Mazarakis speaks with Jim Murphy at Local Foods to talk about mindfulness, women entrepreneurs, and growing sustainable fish. Now with Finger Lakes Fish (now LocalCoho), Daphne has accomplished much in what is still a very young career. Having worked as the Brand Director for Kraft Foods, and […]
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LocalCoho Tackles Final Protein Frontier

Originally posted at Fish make up 16% of animal protein consumed globally, and demand is set to rise (Tech Crunch) for a variety of factors. Unfortunately, the world’s supply of fish is dwindling, with an estimated 60% of the world fisheries fully-fished and 33% overfished (FAO). With a need to produce more seafood in […]

A Holistic Approach to Problem Solving with Daphne Mazarakis

Sustainability is currently one of the biggest issues facing agribusiness and startup investing. Around 75% of startups fail after the first 10 years, with lack of motivation, commitment, and passion cited as one of the leading causes of those failures. Similarly, questions around sustainable farming practices are a hot topic of discussion around the world […]