In this clip, Mike Keiser shares his tips for entrepreneurs based on his decades of experience in a variety of industries.

Watch for his business tips on:
1. Translating vision
2. Finding your genius
3. Learning from mistakes
4. Understanding customer motivation (especially when it’s completely different from what you expected!)

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An Interview with Mike Keiser

Setting a Course for Success Mike Keiser isn’t one to brag, so I’ll do it for him. With eleven golf courses under his belt, Fortune says he’s a main contender in the golf business. In fact, he never intended to become a career golf mogul, nor to end up in Chicago. His golfing ambitions pretty […]
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A Course Set For Success: Mike Keiser On Golf & Growing Up

Golf courses are a contentious subject among environmentalists and locals around the world. In a time where America’s wealth gap continues to widen, golf, to many, represents luxury and exclusivity while using large amounts of water and pesticides to maintain its expansive greens. The sport, however, had much humbler origins that Mike Keiser hopes to […]