Today we are meeting with Ellen Yiadom, a local Chicago Lawyer, who describes her educational path that lead her to her success. She touches on her transition to America, her educational endeavors, and her career goals beyond practicing law.

Video Segments

School in Chicago

Ellen describes her school career as she blended in with many American students and created success for herself. She touches on her experiences with how she found a community within her peers at school, which helped her create more success for herself.


Growing Up in Ghana

Ellen is here with us today to discuss her life growing up in Ghana. She touches on some of the hardships she faced as a child, as well as her adoption process which led her to finding her home in the United States.

Diversity in Schools

Ellen shares her point of view on CPS diversity and how it has affected the classroom diversity. She touches on her views on classroom diversity and her prediction on how it can be changed.