Terry Olson, CEO of Local Foods, speaks with Jim Murphy to learn more about the history of how he created a successful business. Terry touches on many of his previous work experiences that influenced his idea to open a farm-to-table food company. He goes on to discuss his upbringing and discusses the inspiration he found through his childhood experiences

Video Segments

Chefs at Local Foods

Jim Murphy and Terry Olson talk about how Local Foods provides chefs with the perfect ingredients to bring their creativity to the table. He goes on to discuss how the nutritional quality of locally sourced foods helps create a unique taste for restaurants around the city.


Invention of the Ice Cream Bar

Jim Murphy meets with Terry Olson, CEO of Local Foods, to discuss the engineering behind how the ice cream bar was created. He touches on the history of how different companies were able to develop these technologies to become successful in pioneering a classic treat.

Local Foods in Chicago

Terry Olson, CEO of Local Foods, discusses how local companies should start using more local food suppliers. He also talks about how providing other metropolitan areas access to local foods benefits their food products.