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“As humans, we are plant eaters,” Rob Baan states with authority. “Or sometimes we eat something that swims, flies, or runs slower than you in your naked butt without Nikes or a Kalashnikov.”

It’s a heck of a sales pitch for the CEO of Netherlands based company Koppert Cress. Baan’s business has been leading the charge in the microgreen revolution, creating greenhouses for his vegetables in the Netherlands and within the US. Year round, they quickly and constantly ship out fresh veggies for chefs across the world.

Rob Baan recently sat down with me as the Stock Cafe crew was setting up for the day (quiet down back there!) and his passion for his work was immediately apparent. “After you invented the food industry,” Rob began, “our diets changed dramatically. All the diseases we have today – heart attacks, Diabetes 2 – it’s your food.”

The other statistics Rob has discovered are just as interesting. Click the clip below to hear more.

You can also check out the full 15-minute interview here:

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